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bullet_15.gif Portable e-cig batteries are 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries wrapped in a tube designed to look like a cigarette. Voltage output decreases with every puff until the charge is lost and the tip starts to blink. With some experience you can determine when the battery is low by the flavor and vapor output. 


bullet_15.gif Batteries come with or without a manual switch depending on the type.


bullet_15.gif Batteries come in 3 basic sizes that are rated by mAh(milliamp hours). This determines the number of hits you can squeeze from a single charge. It also determines the strength of the hit. Basic batteries store between 100 and 420 mAh depending on their size.

bullet_15.gif Batteries life is touted at around 300 total charges. A replacement battery costs between $8 and $30 depending on personal preferences.










bullet_15.gif USB passthru batteries come with an attached wire that plugs into a USB port. It can only be used whenever a USB device is within reach. They are used as spares while rechargeables are not available.

bullet_15.gif USB batteries also come with or without a manual switch.

bullet_15.gif USB batteries sell for between $12 and $20.








bullet_15.gif Most starter kits come with automatic batteries and they are good enough to get your feet wet. 

bullet_15.gif Automatic batteries rely on a strength of a draw to generate vapor. As the battery loses power the user is forced to draw harder to generate the same amount of vapor. Therefore, the overall experience is inferior compared to a manual counterpart.

bullet_15.gif Automatic batteries allow for hands free smoking. However, only the smallest size batteries are light enough to accommodate hands free smoking comfortably.

bullet_15.gif Automatic batteries hold charge about 25% longer than the same size manual.








bullet_15.gif Manual batteries come equipped with a button which allows the user to control the amount of vapor without having to draw harder when the battery is not at full strength. This provides a much better overall e-smoking experience.

bullet_15.gif Depending on the use,  the battery life is about 25% shorter than its automatic counterpart.

bullet_15.gif Manual batteries do not have a safety mechanism. The button can be activated inadvertently in your pocket much like a cell phone or a car key.  







bullet_15.gif Short batteries charge faster but have a shorter battery life.  Don't expect these batteries to last thru full day of regular use.  It is rated at 180 mAh for automatic models and 150 mAh for manual models. Vendors tout about 150 puffs but 100 strong puffs is more realistic.

bullet_15.gif Short batteries charge in 45 minutes from outlets and in 90 minutes from USB ports.

bullet_15.gif Short batteries work well for stealth use as they can completely disappears in the palm of your hand.

bullet_15.gif Short automatic batteries are best suited for hands free smoking.

bullet_15.gif Short batteries look more realistic when attached to extra-long cartomizers.







bullet_15.gif Regular size batteries are the most common and popular. They normally come with starter kits.


bullet_15.gif Regular batteries are rated at 230 mAh for manual and around 280 mAh for automatic. Vendors tout about 200 puffs but 150 strong puffs is more realistic. A good quality regular size battery shoud last almost a full day of regular use.


bullet_15.gif Regular batteries charge in about 90 minutes from an outlet and 3 hours from USB ports.


bullet_15.gif Regular batteries are the same size as regular disposable but they are heavier. So they are not as good for hands free or stealth smoking.





bullet_15.gif Long batteries are rated at around 380 mAh for automatics and around 350 mAh for manuals. Vendors tout around 300 puffs but 200 good puffs is more realistic. A good quality long battery should last more than 24 hours of consistent use.

bullet_15.gif Long batteries provide a 'cigar-like' punch with every draw providing a different smoking experience than the 2 smaller sizes. 

bullet_15.gif As shown above, long batteries with a cartridge are about the same length as a ball point pen and are about 3 time heavier. They are not convenient to carry in your pocket and look a little odd when used in public.


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ButtunRoundOra2.jpg There are 4 different models of batteries on the market today. Each has a unique thread pattern that requires compatible chargers and cartridges. There are available adapters that can convert batteries and cartomizers from one thread pattern to another. Please checkout our blog posting on 'Where to Find e-cig Adapters',

ButtunRoundOra2.jpg To further complicate matters each model has several aliases. As you explore the inventory of various vendor's, each battery model may be referred to by a different name from one vendor to another. All aliases known to us are listed underneath each model. If you know of any aliases that are not listed please pointer_hand1_e0.gif  CONTACT US.

ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Please review our lists of the most popular brands and their cost before purchasing any batteries and kits. This will save you money and ensure maximum satisfaction.





 Known Aliases: 

bullet_15.gif KR808D-1, D-1, 901, DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D, RN4075

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Known Aliases: 

bullet_15.gif KR808D-2, D2,  EP9, U9, V0



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Known Aliases:

bullet_15.gif KR808-A, KR808-B, L88B


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  Known Aliases:

bullet_15.gif RN4081, RN, DSE-103, DSE103

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